Navigate to ‘Availability’ on the website. Here you will find an overview of all available apartments. Clicking on the green icon shown on the picture of The Börgemeister, a pop-up window will open stating the date on which the relevant apartment will be available. 

The ‘Availability’ page on our website displays both apartments that are available immediately and apartments that will become available in (short) term. If you want to be considered for an apartment that will be available in due course, you can register for this apartment by submitting the completed registration form and the requested attachments. If you are eligible for an apartment, we will schedule an introduction meeting or viewing with you. If you are approved as a tenant, the rental agreement will be drawn up and signed, so that you are assured of renting the apartment of your choice. It is currently not possible to be registered on a waiting list.

Rental conditions

No, we have a minimum rental period of four months.

Since the apartments are intended for short-stay, it is unfortunately not possible to rent for a period longer than 6 months.

To be eligible for an apartment, the following requirements apply:
• 4 times the rent as gross salary;
• employment agreement for an indefinite period of time or an employment agreement for a definite period in which there is no (longer) trial period;
• no negative registration at the Central Credit Registration Office (Bureau Krediet Registratie / BKR)
• a positive landlord statement

If the (income) requirements are not met, a request can be submitted to qualify for an apartment. Additional conditions may apply (for example a higher deposit and/or a guarantee).

To be eligible, you must submit the following documentation:
• fully completed and signed registration form (click here to download);
• copy of proof of identity (original can be shown when signing the rental agreement);
• copy of pay slips of the last three months (if not available, copy of employment agreement);
• completed and signed employer’s statement;
• if you do not have an employer, a copy of the annual income statement;
• copy of bank statement on which must be shown: account number, name of account holder and payment of last salary;
• copy of bank card of the bank account into which salary is paid;

Both the applicant and possible partner must add the above-mentioned information.

A deposit of two months rent is requested at rental. The deposit must be paid before the start of the rental agreement and will be refunded to the tenant after correct delivery of the apartment upon termination of the rental agreement.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The apartments up to 50 m² (type 1 and 2) are rented exclusively to one or two persons who form one household together. De apartments bigger than 50 m² (type 3, 4 and 5) are suitable for a maximum of four persons, as long as these persons form one household/family. 

Student housing is not the target group for this apartment building. If the income requirements are met, it is however possible to qualify for an apartment as a student. Please note that it is not possible to rent an apartment with several people or to let other people live in it.

Practical information

The apartment building is located at: President Rooseveltlaan 171, 6224 CM Maastricht

• Furniture, upholstering, inventory and decoration;
• Use of a shared or private (bicycle) storage room;
• Service costs (for maintenance and use of the common areas);
• WiFi subscription;
• Consumption of water and electricity (heating included).*

* The consumption of water and electricity is based on an advance payment of € 100,-/month. This is sufficient with normal use of heating and electricity. If the actual consumption is higher than the advance payment mentioned, a retrospective collection of costs may be made.

A mandatory final cleaning fee will be charged for each rental. Each tenant must maintain the rented apartment himself, for which cleaning equipment is available in the apartment. After the final delivery, the final cleaning will take place, so that a new tenant will receive a cleaned apartment. In the event of a higher energy consumption than the advance payment included in the rent, the excess will be charged. See also the explanation belonging to the question 'what is included in the rental price'. These costs are charged to encourage that energy is not consumed unnecessarily, thereby unnecessarily burdening the environment. Taxes required by law for tenants. Required insurances (third-party insurance, insurance for your own belongings).

If an apartment is not rented out, a viewing can be arranged. Since it often happens that all apartments are rented, it might not always be possible to view an apartment. It may also be the case that you are unable to come and view the property (for example, because you are coming to the Netherlands from abroad). For each apartment, we have a viewing video available (on request). Because we value personal contact, we would like to meet you in person prior to concluding a rental agreement. This can also be done digitally (for example via WhatsApp or FaceTime).

No, pets are not allowed in the entire building nor in the apartments.

No, the entire building is non-smoking. This means that smoking is not allowed in the entire building, nor in the apartments.

A new rental agreement starts on the 1st or 16th of a month. The delivery takes place on the commencement date of the rental agreement, unless this day is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday. In that case, the delivery will take place on the next working day.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. It is of course possible that you bring/purchase additional furniture and/or inventory yourself. Self-applied items must be removed upon termination of the rental agreement.

A number of parking spaces are available behind the apartment building. The rental price is €100/month. There are also parking spaces available at about a 3-minute walk away. These parking spaces cost €60/month. For the apartments larger than 50 m² (type 3, 4 and 5) it is possible to rent a garage box (the private storage room will then be cancelled). The extra costs for a garage box are €115/month.

The apartments bigger than 50 m² (type 3, 4 and 5) have their own lockable storage room in the basement. This shed is suitable for storing bicycles or storing belongings, for example. It is possible to rent a garage box instead of this storage room, where you can place both your car and bicycle(s) and possibly belongings. The apartments smaller than 50 m² (type 1 and 2) do not have their own storage room, but can use a shared (lockable) bicycle storage room.

Finish and devices

The apartments are fully finished and furnished. The following items are, among others, present and included in the rental price:
• sitting area with sofa, armchair and coffee table;
• TV cabinet and television;
• dining area consisting of a bar with bar stools or a table with chairs;
• curtains/net curtains/window coverings and lighting;
• kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer compartment, cooker, hood, combination microwave, coffee maker and kettle;
• complete kitchen inventory including: complete crockery, glassware and cutlery, pans, kitchen towels;
• bedroom with a double bed, duvet, pillows, bedding, wardrobe;
• washing machine, tumble dryer, ironing board and iron, drying rack, laundry basket;
• bathroom and toilet with accessories, bath linen;
• balcony (types 3, 4 and 5 only) with garden furniture;
• 2nd bedroom (types 4 and 5 only) with desk, office chair and extra wardrobe;
• cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaner, mop.

It is not allowed to make any changes to the floor finish, walls, window coverings and furniture;
It is not allowed to paint, drill and/or hang anything on walls/ceilings/furniture;
It is allowed to place extra furniture and to add personal items to the interior. *

* The tenant receives a list of the complete inventory at the start of the rental. At the end of the rental period, this list will be checked and the complete inventory must be present (in the same place as at the start). Added furniture/items must be removed.


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