Living in Maastricht

A bustling and burgundian city situated on the river Maas. Maastricht is characterized by ancient, charming neighborhoods and historic buildings. The old town is full of history dating back to Roman times. Hours of shopping pleasure in the many boutiques, shops and galleries located in the small, old streets is guaranteed.

Charming Maastricht

Maastricht has many culinary hotspots; menus full of taste sensations and cozy terraces on one of the many squares in the city. Arts, culture and nightlife, such as vibrant festivals and high-profile exhibitions, are on the daily agenda. In the different districts you will get to know the other sides of Maastricht; the French atmosphere of the Jeker quarter, the modern architecture of Céramique or the rugged industrial character of the Sphinx quarter which is in full development.

The Groene Loper

In the past couple of years, a brand-new neighborhood has emerged in Maastricht: the Groene Loper (the ‘Green Carpet’). The two-kilometer-long Groene Loper runs over the new A2 motorway tunnel and is easily accessible from all sides of town. Surrounded by greenery and space, with wide avenues, the Groene Loper is an oasis of tranquility with the lively city center just around the corner. The Groene Loper offers plenty of space to enjoy in addition to living. Think of numerous nice places, cozy shops and restaurants. The spacious walking and cycling paths offer excellent connections to easily reach various facilities in the area by bike or on foot, such as shops, the railway station or the city center. Do you want to relax in nature? Venture out into the beautiful South Limburg hilly landscape!

This makes Maastricht unique

Maastricht embraces you. The city is stylish, its inhabitants are warm, its history is rich and its location in the heart of the Euregion is fantastic. In short, Maastricht is a city where you will immediately feel at home.